Wednesday, 12 August 2009

what is this about?

i'm currently doing a 2 week work experience placement at parker wayne and kent pr. i'm really enjoying it so far. doing different things every day and learning a lot.

but i said i blogged today, and was asked what i wrote about. i said music, films and stuff like that.

well, it started out a bit like that, but i haven't written about anything very interesting in AGES!

i apologise.

TRUE BLOOD is my favourite thing right now, so it seems a sensible place to start. based on the southern vampire mysteries by charlaine harris, true blood has just about everything i love: romance, action, mystery and mainly VAMPIRES. anyone who knows me, knows how big a buffy and angel fan i am. and true blood does not disappoint. currently up to season 2 episode 8 in the US, i am excited every monday when i can watch the latest episode and am slightly dreading the day the second series ends. i have read 7 of the books, and am halfway through book 8. ordered book 9 today... but book 10 isn't out til may 2010... that's a long wait.

anyway, i recommend that if you haven't watched it yet, you should, or if you're watching it and enjoying it, you should definitely read the books.

there you. something slightly interesting.x

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

weight loss and rubbish weather

hi bloggers.
i've completely deserted this blog in favour of twitter. oh dear.
but hello, i'm here.
i've been on a diet since easter...this has not been an easy task as at uni i live with 3 amazing girls who are also FEEDERS and feed me tea and biscuits. luckily they've been so supportive that i managed to stay on track and lost about 8 lbs in about 5-6 weeks. considering i didn't give up drinking and we had bbqs etc i think i did pretty well. however, being home is good, but when i go to leeds to stay with ryan i ALWAYS over eat and therefore it has been today that i have officially lost a whole stone :) feeling really pleased with myself. therefore i'm going to post what i ate today, it came to 1301 calories and 41.9g of fat.

breakfast: 30g nestle oats & more cereal with semi skimmed milk
lunch: sainsburys be good to yourself tortilla wrap with turkey slices, bgty cheese triangle and baby spinach with reggae reggae sauce, pom bear ready salted and a hartley's jelly pot (blackcurrant)
dinner: lemon and black pepper turkey escalope with a salad of spinach, cucumber and spring onion with light mayo
snacks: caramel jumbo snack a jack, an oatcake with peanut butter, options hot chocolate

apart from losing weight i have had a good summer.
i have managed to be accepted for a two week work experience at a PR company which i am really looking forward to, hoping to learn loads, i really am excited.

work wardrobe buying on sunday with mum :)

hopefully i'll blog again soon.x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


LEENI, who i go on about all the time, released a new album at the end of last year, i finally worked out last week that it was available on itunes and downloaded. its awesome.

Monday, 30 March 2009

right now

life has been busy.
i handed three essays this morning, 2000 words each.
i have a 4000 word report due on friday.
no word from the PR company.
booked a holiday to stockholm in september, no festivals for me.
im getting my hair chopped off on monday.
and spending 4 weeks at home.
seeing the yeah yeah yeahs in april.
and rob brydon, girls aloud and ross noble in may.
i just want it to be summer.

Sunday, 22 February 2009


interview was postponed til this wednesday so i'm off home on tuesday.
i can't wait, i want to go home so much.
and then i have the weekend with my rents pretty much straight after.
i feel like im never gonna get all my work done, this term is such a stress.

Monday, 9 February 2009

18th feb

i have an interview to do a 4 week work experience at Taylor Herring PR (
they do the PR for amazing things like: doctor who, britain's next top model, the simpsons movie and the apprentice. i am so desperate for this, but im very scared about the interview.

apart from this life is all good right now x