Wednesday, 31 December 2008

things to look forward to in 2009

january 4th - my birthday :)
january 31st - riding in snowdonia
february 5th - russell brand live
february 14th - valentines day
march 6th - watchmen release date (hopefully!)
may 17th - girls aloud live
may 23rd - ross noble live

and hopefully lots of other stuff
hopefully it will be a good year

Monday, 29 December 2008

2008 is nearly over

it started at a dinner party, bringing in the new year with ryan for the first time. i then turned 19, and felt old, went back to uni and passed january exams. had a stressful time at the beginning of february, but had the most amazing holiday in paris which made me completely sure i was doing the right thing. i don't really remember anything that happened in march, i'm sure something did, but oh well. april, i saw derren brown live and it was amazing, and things started getting sorted...gradually. soon, it was may and exams and i was no longer a fresher. summer went on forever, i watched every episode of buffy the vampire slayer and basically did nothing. moved back to uni 4 weeks earlier than anything but didn't do any of the work i was meant to. celebrated my two year anniversary with ryan by going to filey for the weekend and saw the mighty boosh in york. october involved the return of laura field to liverpool for the best night out in...well, maybe one of my best nights out ever. november, i went home for a weekend, and finally realised how much i miss home when i'm in liverpool. had a really difficult semester in terms of work, but managed to get good marks in coursework. then it was december, saw the mighty boosh again and bill bailey live, two amazing nights. christmas was spent in leeds with ryan and his family, it was different but lovely. back home today to bring in new years with my parents.

happy new year everyone :)

Saturday, 20 December 2008

strictly come dancing

i'm very disappointed that rachel didn't win.
i'm even more disappointed that she lost to tom,
he was rubbish.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

songs of the year

before i list my songs of the year, i'll just mention all the bands i've really enjoyed listening to this year, because it was very close, and obviously i haven't got to include some of my favourite songs, so the bands who didn't make it include los campesinos!, be your own PET, girls aloud and death cab for cutie. there's probably a lot more that deserve

so, without further ado, i present my top 10 songs of 2008 (that all have really good videos as well):



(i know a lot of you won't want to watch this, but keep going past 40 seconds, please)








if you listened to all those, you'll understand why they're my top 10 songs.
if you haven't listened to them, then at least listen to number 1 because its AMAZING.

some films i've enjoyed this year

in no particular order:

the dark knight
hellboy 2: the golden army
zack and miri make a porno
pineapple express
forgetting sarah marshall
burn after reading
tropic thunder
sex and the city