Wednesday, 31 December 2008

things to look forward to in 2009

january 4th - my birthday :)
january 31st - riding in snowdonia
february 5th - russell brand live
february 14th - valentines day
march 6th - watchmen release date (hopefully!)
may 17th - girls aloud live
may 23rd - ross noble live

and hopefully lots of other stuff
hopefully it will be a good year

Monday, 29 December 2008

2008 is nearly over

it started at a dinner party, bringing in the new year with ryan for the first time. i then turned 19, and felt old, went back to uni and passed january exams. had a stressful time at the beginning of february, but had the most amazing holiday in paris which made me completely sure i was doing the right thing. i don't really remember anything that happened in march, i'm sure something did, but oh well. april, i saw derren brown live and it was amazing, and things started getting sorted...gradually. soon, it was may and exams and i was no longer a fresher. summer went on forever, i watched every episode of buffy the vampire slayer and basically did nothing. moved back to uni 4 weeks earlier than anything but didn't do any of the work i was meant to. celebrated my two year anniversary with ryan by going to filey for the weekend and saw the mighty boosh in york. october involved the return of laura field to liverpool for the best night out in...well, maybe one of my best nights out ever. november, i went home for a weekend, and finally realised how much i miss home when i'm in liverpool. had a really difficult semester in terms of work, but managed to get good marks in coursework. then it was december, saw the mighty boosh again and bill bailey live, two amazing nights. christmas was spent in leeds with ryan and his family, it was different but lovely. back home today to bring in new years with my parents.

happy new year everyone :)

Saturday, 20 December 2008

strictly come dancing

i'm very disappointed that rachel didn't win.
i'm even more disappointed that she lost to tom,
he was rubbish.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

songs of the year

before i list my songs of the year, i'll just mention all the bands i've really enjoyed listening to this year, because it was very close, and obviously i haven't got to include some of my favourite songs, so the bands who didn't make it include los campesinos!, be your own PET, girls aloud and death cab for cutie. there's probably a lot more that deserve

so, without further ado, i present my top 10 songs of 2008 (that all have really good videos as well):



(i know a lot of you won't want to watch this, but keep going past 40 seconds, please)








if you listened to all those, you'll understand why they're my top 10 songs.
if you haven't listened to them, then at least listen to number 1 because its AMAZING.

some films i've enjoyed this year

in no particular order:

the dark knight
hellboy 2: the golden army
zack and miri make a porno
pineapple express
forgetting sarah marshall
burn after reading
tropic thunder
sex and the city

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

my life on a postcard

the weather is cold; coat, hat and boots are being worn every day.
sometimes it is cold enough for gloves.
so much work, but it's one month until christmas.
next week we are decorating the house, and in two weeks it's house christmas.
then i get another 3 christmas' over the festive period (real christmas at ryans, new years at mine and my birthday).
i got 75 in my presentation, which means 75 in a whole module.
spss is coming along, but i have an exam next week which is scaring me, and a mini dissertation to do.
second year is difficult.
lasagne for dinner tonight, and cake and muffins.
fun fun x

Thursday, 13 November 2008

i watched his wildest dreams come true....

not one of them involving you.

paramore are really exciting me this week,
i've always really liked them, but they're never been my favourite band ever
but, this week i've been a bit obsessed.

so, have a video:

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

the x factor

laura was kicked out on saturday, she was in the bottom two with ruth.
i like both girls, but i'm also not their biggest fan.
it is a fact, however, that neither of them should have been in the bottom two.

i also think people need to get over the whole daniel hatred, rachel sang so flat it made me want to scream, and no one is saying it.

get rachel out please.

Friday, 24 October 2008

and another

courtesy of

and a new trailer
(maybe this one will be in quantum of solace?)


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

secret watchmen screening


don't even know what to think about that??
i thought i wouldn't mind, but the details seem a bit odd.
i just don't get how its going to work??

Sunday, 19 October 2008

i have nothing very interesting to say

  • burn after reading was really good, really funny in a not laughing out loud way.
  • sarah silverman - jesus is magic is also really good. in the same sort of way.
  • watch jonathan ross on bbc iplayer, for ricky gervais, gordon ramsay and sarah silverman eating a £3000 truffle and gordon ramsay proper crying about it.
  • serendipity is like really cheap in asda so that was bought
  • and finally, there's an online sale at la senza. yay :)

Friday, 17 October 2008

blood red shoes @ manc academy 3

so, after a fuck up with trains (i hate you first transpennine express) i finally got to manchester, just in time to hear 4 songs by rolo tomassi.

why do you all like them?
it was noise, and badly done noise.
are the lyrics all "quack quack quack" or is she possessed by a duck.
god. they were terrible.

blood red shoes, however, were ace.
i loved the three new songs, i think my favourite was the first one they played, but none of them have names so that doesn't really help.
it was also fantastic to hear ADHD, cuz they didn't play it at reading.

i bought a bag and some badges and ryan bought me a poster.
overall it was an ace night, despite trains making me want to cry.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

cat rarities

i'm in love with a t shirt in pull and bear,
i'm absolutely in love with pull and bear tbh.

its well reasonable, and i got a lovely top
so exciting.

in this coming week i might be going riding, i'm definitely seeing blood red shoes
and then at the weekend seeing burn after reading and eating fajitas

fun fun

check out brad pitt's sexy dancing

Thursday, 9 October 2008

los campesinos!

we are beautiful, we are doomed has clicked a bit this week
i absolutely love it.

for a few weeks i didn't want to listen to it, it just wasn't as good as the first album
but now, its just AMAZING

it really is as good as the first album, it's fab.

buy it when it comes out cuz i don't have enough money to

Now playing: Los Campesinos! - You'll Need Those Fingers For Crossing

Thursday, 2 October 2008

leeni - there is a light that never goes out

more plugging, but i swear no one pays attention to me,
and i'm sure if you actually listened to her you'd like her.

and and and

another mini rant about clothes shops:
why make the waist size of your jeans smaller, why are jeans now too tight for me, but the same size that i bought 5 months ago fit me perfectly, they may even be considered a bit too big.

can anyone recommend a good place to buy reasonably priced jeans?
im so fed up.

im stupid, and read dates in the english way not the american way which means watchmen is out in march. how bloody exciting.

it's xmas and my birthday in 3 months, i want the extravaganza to include a new ipod (ive already asked my dad and he had no objections) but i don't know whether to get a classic or a touch? i love my touchscreen phone, so the actual use of a touchscreen doesn't bother me, but does anyone know whats better? (jack i'm looking at you)


Now playing: The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight

Monday, 29 September 2008

how to keep spiders out of your house

answers on a postcard please?

or comment.
whatever :)

Friday, 19 September 2008

the excitement of spending money

i LOVE shopping.
mainly because i love that feeling when you get home and you have lots of bags and you take the labels off things and you try everything on again and its nice, even though you're really tired from walking around all day.

online shopping for clothes gets rid of all this excitement.
i HATE that you have to pay an extra £5 to get it the next day, and £4 for 2-3 days.
i also hate that i can't get student discount, cuz it only accepts nus extra cards online.
but most of all i hate that bloody parcel delivery people can't knock loud enough so anyone actually hears. losers.

don't get me wrong, i think sites like amazon and play make a lot of sense, they offer the same things you can get in the shops but for cheaper and with reasonable postage costs.

however, shops that have an online store (my example being just annoy me, they thrive on the fact that they barely stock larger sizes in store, which means people like myself who need a size 16 are stuck with paying an extra £4 on top of the normal price, with no discount, to buy the same clothes as the size 8 girls who just wander into the shop and find 5 of each item in their size.

rant over.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

early morning/late night

please please please listen to this album
it's absolutely brilliant, i've listened to it about 4 times today, in a row.

also, new los campesinos! has leaked and i have downloaded and listened,
i'm not sure it's as instant as hold on now youngster, but i'm pretty sure it's just as good.
however, i haven't listened to it all the way through more than once.

and my final recommendation of the morning/night
is watchmen.
i haven't quite finished reading the graphic novel, though i'm not far off and it really is as fantastic as everyone says.

this is the trailer for the film coming out next year, i'm looking forward to it.
a lot.

Monday, 8 September 2008

some things

zack & miri make a porno

the trailer is there, you should all really watch it, cuz it looks like its gonna be very and extremely good.

also, you should all go and watch

helly boy 2.

saw it yesterday and its absolutely amazing. its beautiful and full of personality.

"if i grew up on a farm, and was retarded, bruges might impress me. but i didnt, so it doesn't"

in bruges, one of the funniest films i've seen in ages, absolutely loved it, i even loved colin farrel and i bloody hate him normally.

Monday, 1 September 2008

new house

i'm all moved in to my lovely liverpool house.
things are good, apart from a few basics, for example, i don't have a chair for my desk and virgin havent given us the wireless router, and they can't get it to us til friday apparently.
we also don't know how to use the boiler, so the only hot water we have is from the downstairs electric shower.
cooking for ourselves is going to be strange, i need to do a shop but i don't know what to buy??
fed up of having to phone people, i hate phoning people, especially when they are UNhelpful.
i'm by myself at the moment cuz alice is at lectures, it's strange, its a big house and it makes lots of noise, unusual noise. and there's like an industrial strength fan in the room next to mine sorting out damp, thats loud too.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

highs and lows

after reading this thread on efests i have been thinking about my time at reading festival, and mainly all the things i thought were rubbish about it.

by the sunday i was queueing for up to half an hour and still not anywhere near the front of the queue. i had to go out of the arena and head to yellow toilets to actually go. yes i know there are urinals but i was wearing leggings and shorts, which are not the easiest thing to go for a wee standing up in. also, all of the bloody toilets were blocked by sunday, two queues of about 10 girls for ONE toilet. no thanks.

where are the lovely helpful stewards who guide your car in for you on the thursday when you want to leave on monday?? NO WHERE. we spent 4 hours just sitting in the car park cuz there were no stewards to help prevent ridiculous queues.

you're not fucking angry cuz you run away from one guy and his girlfriend when there's 15 of you, so why try and bully and intimidate people? absolutely ridiculous. have fun with your friends but there's no need for violence and destruction. the state of camp on monday morning was ridiculous, i've never stayed as late as i did this year and it was just horrible, all the toilets had been destroyed (i hope people fell in when they were breaking them) and there were so many fires that were just pouring out black smoke that on the walk to the car park i couldn't stop coughing.

omg, don't shit in bushes, thats just rough.

you made all the effort to get down near the front and then you moan, look around, push past people that are trying to watch. GOD. get a fucking life. the people doing this actually ruined queens of the stoneage for me, i could barely hear as it is (see no. 6), i did not need dickheads banging into me and talking in front of me and chucking drinks over me.

melvin benn has blamed the weather, when the weather was good and pretty much the same all weekend.all the bands on saturday and sunday were noticeably louder than any of the bands on friday and ratm were considerably louder than even qotsa, which seems stupid.

rant over.

there were lots of things i loved about reading too, but any bad stuff that happens always seems to be reallllllllly bad.

Now playing: Queens Of The Stone Age - Hangin' Tree


stole this off ryan, but he posted it cuz he thought i'd like it, so i guess i'm allowed to steal it.

listen to this

actually love her. it's all so cute and happy.

her album is on itunes,

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

weekend review

so, on wednesday we packed and on thursday we drove for hours and then walked and queued for hours and that sat and ate and drank for hours. and then we slept.


what an exciting day friday was, i actually had some energy and my feet didn't feel like they were going to fall off. the day was started by future of the left, who i have loved both times ive seen them, but i cant seem to get into their album, i will try though. next blood red shoes who were fantastic and be your own pet who are splitting up and are apparently celebrating by drinking lots. then i saw florence and the machine who were also brilliant, her voice is just amazing. then, BIFFY, who played all stuff off of puzzle apart from 57 and mountains, it was really good, but i missed the oldies. decided to miss mgmt, cuz i was freezing and needed a jumper. then saw qotsa who were great (obviously) but they played a pretty odd set. then rage who im so happy ive seen, i dont think i'll ever be their biggest fan but they were great.

lunch: bacon sandwiches (cooked by ryan)
dinner: sausage with onions and chips with bbq sauce.


saw george pringle first thing saturday, she was good but not great, couldn't hear a lot of what she was saying though. then saw chris hicks and ross sutherland who were great poets, really enjoyed them. then saw the first few songs of the subways who were good but nothing special, but missed the second half of them to see robin ince who was SO funny. saw that woman off tonightly too, who was rubbish. next LOS CAMPESINOS! who blew me away, the tent was packed and completely mental. didn't see black kids and only saw a bit of justice and a bit of alkaline trio because i felt sick. all in all saturday wasn't that great.

lunch: baguette with sausage cheese and onions
dinner: pork, mash and stuffing in a giant yorkie


well, sunday was pretty crazy, we heard on wednesday that slipknot had cancelled and that bring me the horizon would be replacing them (by opening the stage) then when we got to the arena we heard that avenged sevenfold had cancelled as well. but we went to see mindless self indulgence anyway but they pushed back later and later. very confusing. but we went to see robots in disguise who came on stage in a giant glitterball and had dancing robots. then saw plain white t's getting bottled when there was still no sign of msi. saw johnny foreigner who were ACE. loved them. missed emmy the great to see some of msi who were really really good and then saw crystal castles, who were amazing as usual. finished off the day with tencious d and metallica, who were both FANTASTIC.

lunch: bagel with brie and bacon and potato wedges with cheese wedges
dinner: pepperoni pizza

then on monday it took us 4 hours to get out of the car park and ours wasn't even the one that caught on fire. since i've been home my throat has been sore, my nose and ears have been blocked and i've been absolutely exhausted.

but, i had a GREAT weekend.
tempted to go to leeds next year though, getting a bit fed up of the people at reading.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


off to reading tomorrow :D

Monday, 11 August 2008

horse riding

i used to ride all the time when i was younger, had lessons from when i was five and had my own horse for a few years, but then i gradually stopped going because i was a teenager and wanted to go out with my friends at weekends. but recently, when thinking about exercise and the fact i should maybe do some i realised that riding has always been the one thing ive ever enjoyed, so i looked into it and liverpool has a riding club where i can have a lesson once a week. so im doing a couple of catch up lessons at trent park tomorrow and wednesday. and im a bit nervous. but very very excited.

other than that ive got a very busy week coming up with ryan coming down on wednesday and staying for ages. james' birthday, day out in london, day out with my rents possibly and then READING. but then i have to move back to uni and i wish my tutor would just bloody reply already and tell me what the hell i have to do for my review.

currently watching: CROSS COUNTRY AT THE OLYMPICS :)

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

dr. horrible's sing-along blog

oh i LOVE it.

being in the uk i can't get it off itunes, and i don't use torrents.
i want to watch it again,
the soundtrack will have to do for the minute.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

florence and the machine

blame the lovely miss. rosie (good music is better than crack) for this post, i've been a bit in love with 'kiss with a fist' since she played it at jack's party the other week and now i'm loving everything about florence quite a bit. link to her

the festival republic stage was announced two weeks ago, i was slightly disappointed by the headliners, but i am quite liking the stage. from an initial clashfinder, i think i am likely to see


blood red shoes
be your own pet
dizzee rascal
florence and the machine
biffy clyro
queens of the stone age
rage against the machine


the subways
los campesinos!
black kids
(plus anyone on the fr stage that may take my fancy)


robots in disguise
johnny foreigner
emmy the great
crystal castles
tenacious d

saturday is obviously pretty rubbish, and friday seems to be pretty awesome, but im def gonna have a wander if i can and see new bands on fr or bbc introducing.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

reading festival

i'm getting really excited, what with watching the glasto coverage over the weekend, but i just want their to be announcement already. however excited i am, i really want to know who's on the ex-carling stage because i think it will be good to try and watch some new bands as well as bands i love (biffy clyro, queens, byop etc).

maybe there'll be one tonight?

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


as i have no listened to both the subways and sigur ros' new albums i will give my opinion.

the subways was just what i expected - not terrible but not amazing. ive given it a provisional 5/10.

sigur ros is not at all what i expected - not terrible but not amazing.
i have to admit i am slightly disappointed, it is beautiful, but very stripped down compared to 'takk...' and the other albums, but 'takk...' is my favourite. it lacks atmosphere i think.
i will obviously listen to it more, form a better opinion.

Now playing: Death Cab For Cutie - Bixby Canyon Bridge


so yesterday i decided to part with some well earned cash (HA) and buy a ds lite to replace my huge silver brick (an original ds). i got a turquoise one, its so pretty. i also got it with a starter pack (a sock, stylus' etc.) and two games (mario & sonic at the olympics and lego indiana jones). this would normally cost £129.99. but with a fab trade in for my old one i got them for £94.99. my mums giving me £30 towards it. so i got it all pretty cheap. very exciting.

so far ive played a bit on each game, they're both really good, although some of the events are so difficult on olympics, the stylus is good, but a bit tricky to get the hang of. indian jones is just like lego star wars, which means its ace. i recommend them.

today i feel as though i should download the subways, because maybe i should give it the benefit of the doubt, and see what its like and not just judge it. but i also want to listen to sigur ros. which is taking priority i feel over the subways.

maybe i'll review it like everyone else.
maybe i won't.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

a mixtape.

i talked to my dad about making a mixtape, and he said that when he was younger it was all about who could make the best mixtape for a party, and everyone would turn up with their little tape. in some ways i wish i'd made a tape. there's something so simple about them.

the tape.

and now a blog about it, because everyone else is doing it and i'm a sheep.

1. ash - lose control
ash are probably the reason i love most of the bands that i love today, they were my first indie/rock/pop love and this song is the most perfect album opener. so much energy and rockiness, while retaining the poppiness that i love them for.

2. MSTRKRFT - kennedy killed the hat (buck 65)
i am unsure when this song made it's way into my music collection, but i am glad it did, i have been a fan of MSTRKRFT since i heard paris on their myspace and this song is just so well remixed, it's great. there are two remixes of this song and i have chosen the "rock" verson, i think the guitars just fit in better with everything.

3. biffy clyro - 57
my favourite song by my favourite band. any time it comes on i scream along and feel instantly better, it gets under my skin and i love it, it's such a simple song, but it's beautiful in it's own right.

4. dwarves - over you
a certain boy who is now my wonderful boyfriend sent me this song about a million years ago (probably about 2 actually...) and i thought absolutely nothing of it. i decided it wasn't my sort of thing and dismissed it. last summer dwarves toured england and the aforementioned boyf took me to see them in sheffield, and since then i've been hooked. i love everything about this song, it's raw and punky yet with a poppy chorus which wouldn't be out of place in a girls aloud song.

5. queens of stoneage - gonna leave you
this song isn't a favourite of mine, nor a song i tend to listen to a lot, but i wanted queens on this mix and some of the heavier/faster songs didn't fit. however, this seemed (at least in my head) to fit nicely with everything around it.

6. death cab for cutie - we looked like giants
i love death cab, so much and this song has always been a favourite, it's quite long, but i liked it slap bang in the middle of quite short songs in comparison.

7. stone temple pilots - trippin' on a hole in a paper heart
i discovered this song in guitar hero, i rock at it and i love the song. it's the only song by them i've ever heard, though i'm a bit desperate to hear more. i think it gets the pace up again after death cab.

8. johnny foreigner - yr all just jealous
i went through 3 other jofo songs before sticking on this one, i think it's instant vocals have so much energy whereas the end is quite slow and uses some lovely harmonies, it's almost like two songs in one but it sounds really good instead of a bit naff.

9. charlotte hatherley - roll over
i swear i've wanted to be chaz since i first started listening to ash, i've followed her solo career since it started and absolutely love and adore both of her albums, even though they're are really different. this is probably my favourite song on 'the deep blue', the way it builds up and the gorgeous vocals just make it dreamy.

10. crystal castles - courtship dating
this was a last minute addition to the mix, which involved me realising they weren't included and instantly choosing this track. it's a song i think really stands out on the album. crystal castles really are a favourite of mine, i enjoy them live and on record. i think it fits in well here, because even though it's completely different to the songs surrounding it, it is slow and simple at the beginning and end.

11. martha wainwright - bloody motherfucking asshole
this has been on the mix from the very beginning, although it was track 3 and eventually ended up down here. i love her voice, i love her songs, i just LOVE her.

12. metronomy - you could easily have me
i orginally wanted to end with tom vek, but muxtape wouldn't have any of it, so i decided on this instead, i think it ends with a bang and not a fade. i hate fading, it feels lazy.

so, thats it, feel free to comment, tell me what you think, but don't be mean.
try and listen to all the songs, i think it works well as a playlist.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


i've passed my first year of uni.
out of 8 modules i had
1 Third (49),
4 2.2s (50, 52, 52, 57) and
3 2.1s (61, 65, 65).
i am very pleased with my average of 56 :)

now i have to tidy my room, i am still not unpacked from moving back from uni.

i don't know where everything is going to go?

go and buy these shoes.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

gone baby gone

is an amazing film, ben affleck has done good.
go see it.

other than that, i'm back in london and hating it.
i can't believe that there was a time when i seriously loved london and everything about it.
i honestly cannot stand it here now, i absolutely love being home.
home is fantastic.
but enfield is not.

to ease the pain of being here i am watching a lot of buffy the vampire slayer (from the beginning i started on wednesday, i am currently watching 'what's my line pt. 2'). i think i had forgotten how much i love this show. it's so brilliant. i am excited for dollhouse.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


my first year of uni is almost over, my exams are finished and i'm going home soon.
where has the year gone??

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


i'm having one of those days when you just don't feel right. nothing is particularly wrong with me, i've done 3 exams out of 4, and i've got two full days to revise for the last one so i'm not too stressed. but i just feel a bit down. i think i just need some good sleep, i also need to stop eating so much bloody food, it can't be helping.


right now, i am desperate to listen to ash, it's summer and they are needed, but the fact i actually own ash albums (yes i paid for them) i don't have the cds with me at uni. gah.

i miss him.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

flight of the conchords

so, in like january, ryan bought this dvd.
it's called flight of the conchords.
i'd never heard of it, apart from one night it was on bbc4 and i watched it while half asleep.

i watched it, i liked it.

now, i LOVE it.

ryan bought their new album yesterday, and now i've got it on my laptop and it's just genius.
i'm desperate to watch the tv show, i'll just have to make do with the radio show.

this is definitely my favourite song ever by them,
for some reason i cannot hear any sound when i play youtube videos? strange. so i hope that works fine.

i think you should all listen to them and love them.

Now playing: Flight of the Conchords - Petrov, Yelyena, and Me

Friday, 9 May 2008

death cab for cutie

i haven't listened to death cab for cutie in quite a while, they were the music that accompanied the break up of me and my ex, and i went to see them two weeks after that and saw him there. and however much i adore them, the sense of them being associated with someone i dislike so much made me neglect them.

but i listened to transatlanticism over the easter holidays and smiled and enjoyed the music, i have since remembered why it is one of my favourite albums ever, it makes me so happy, and the songs are just so amazing, the lyrics are brilliant and it will just always be a classic in my eyes.

then, the new album 'narrow stairs' leaked.

i had already heard 'i will possess your heart' and thought it was great, and the rest of the album has not disappointed. i think my initial favourites are 'no sunlight', 'cath...' and 'i will possess your heart'. but the album just flows so beautifully, that i think its difficult to choose favourites, it's almost as though it's one big song, just divided into track names.

so yes, i am impressed, and have definitely rediscovered my love for death cab.

Now playing: Death Cab For Cutie - Talking Bird

Thursday, 8 May 2008

things in my room remind me of you

apart from the obvious (pictures and cards) there are 2 things that without a doubt always remind of you, a dancing penguin and a heart shaped handwarmer. these things make me happy.

"emo-tration camp"
a concept discussed by a group of complete knobs out on the field does not make me happy

today i do not feel like doinganything, i want it to be tomorrow night and i want my exams to be over.

it too hot in my room, but too cold outside.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

news reading to procrastinate

i have just read this news story.

in theory i understand boris's point, i don't like people drinking on the tube or train, mainly cuz im normally travelling by myself (this goes out of the window if i'm with people, and we are the people drinking).


how on earth is it ever going to be implemented. it seems that things just aren't being thought through. tut tut.

i'm not particularly looking forward to living in london again.

bus strike

what a great thing to have on the first day of my exams.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


exams are always in summer. this year was the first year i've had proper exams in winter, i've only ever had mocks before and it was terrible. i got soaking wet in the rain before all my exams and had to sit in a hot and sweaty sports hall and try and guess at 100 multiple choice questions. i think it was 100, i'm pretty sure it was. maybe i should know this for my exam tomorrow? anyway. now it's summer, and its going to be the same hot and sweaty sports hall but with it being hot and sweaty outside as well. but there's the added problem of always wanting to be playing outside and sunbathing instead of working or doing exams. so, in conclusion, i am failing to decide which set of exams will be worse. i've done so much more work for these exams than i did in january, that if i don't do any better i'll be really annoyed, however, if i do loads better i'm hoping it will encourage me to do loads more work in my second year.

my first exam is tomorrow, it contains these topics:
animal cognition
biological psychology

i am not very confident about any of them because we have no past papers available, which i think is a bit unfair, surely it would help us if they at least put last years paper up on VITAL (virtual interactive learning at liverpool), but no, no multiple choice exams are made available, so we're all going into the exams unsure of what may come up.


i gave in.

although i do still believe i have a distinct lack of opinions to have my own blog, which can be read by anyone, anywhere, i have decided to join the new blogspot club which appears to be emerging within my group of friends, as i am a sheep.

i apologise now for anyone who dislikes writing in all lowercase, i just can't be bothered with capitals. i will, however, try and keep my punctuation accurate.


now i need to think of something to say.