Thursday, 15 January 2009

right now.

my life is boring.
all i want is this weekend.
and then next weekend is the party, im not the best with parties, especially when 92 people have replied on facebook - 'attending'.

what did people do before facebook to invite people to parties...i don't even know?
and what did people do to say they were officially going out before facebook and the 'in a relationship' status.

i really should try and come up with some interesting things to write about in this blog. but i have a simple mind which is amused by pretty shoes, pretty dresses and not so pretty women in sex and the city.

currently, i am enjoying eating a lot of soup.
it's thick soup, so i think i can technically call it 'eating'
i have also been eating at least 5 pieces of fruit/veg a day.
my new years resolution was to eat more fruit. my shelf in the fridge is currently filled with melon slices, mango slices, pomegranite seeds and a mix of pineapple, kiwi and grapes.

and this is my life....
dull isn't it.

Monday, 12 January 2009

i'm obsessed

with this dress.

and wet look leggings.

and anything that distracts me from revision.

and 50% off at pizza hut.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

my love for girls aloud grows ever stronger

i talk about how much i love girls aloud so much, that i thought i'd examine why and what i love about them.

it started in 2002, with postars: the rivals, which i watched religiously for however many weeks it was on for, watching it now, they were all pretty rubbish! none of them were fantastic singers, and i think they're definitely a lot stronger now:

so, they released the amazing single 'sound of the underground'

which went straight to number one

the album 'sound of the underground' was released and the singles 'no good advice' and 'life got cold'. after this, 'jump' appeared in love actually.
all of these singles were top 5.

'the show' was the first single from their second album 'what will the neighbours say?'

i think i'd personally say the singles from this album are some of my favourite girls aloud songs, as 'the show' was followed by 'love machine',

and after their cover of 'i'll stand by you' they released 'wake me up'

all great singles.
also, at this point, kimberley is looking amazing with her dark hair.

only single really worth talking about from 'chemistry' is 'biology'
i used to hate this song, i thought it was three songs squished together, and it was boring.
but now i love it, and look at their pretty dresses, i think this is when their style started to form...

all of the girls looking pretty awesome there. especially cheryl.

'something kinda oooh' is on their singles collection, it is definitely one of my favourite songs by them, it makes me want to dance whenever i listen to it.

'sexy, no no no' was the first single from 'tangled up' and was followed by 'call the shots' and 'i can't speak french' none of these are my favourites, and i lost a lot of interest in girls aloud at this point.

however, i was wrong, and i really like this album now.
but it was followed up by 'out of control' which i love, look at the dresses and the hair...

and their most recent single 'the loving kind' is just as good...

i will now be as obsessed by girls aloud as i am now until i see them love in may
i really am SO excited

Thursday, 1 January 2009

music in 2008

i have enjoyed listening to:
  • johnny foreigner - waited up til it was light
  • los campesinos! - hold on now youngster
  • los campesinos! - we are beautiful, we are doomed
  • blood red shoes - box of secrets
  • death cab for cutie - narrow stairs
  • be your own pet - get awkward
  • flight of the conchords - flight of the conchords
  • crystal castles - crystal castles
  • leeni - 8 bit heart
  • girls aloud - out of control
and a lot of old stuff
this is my top artists of the last 12 months from

















it's been a nice year of music.
i'm particularly excited for new charlotte hatherley.