Wednesday, 21 May 2008


my first year of uni is almost over, my exams are finished and i'm going home soon.
where has the year gone??

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


i'm having one of those days when you just don't feel right. nothing is particularly wrong with me, i've done 3 exams out of 4, and i've got two full days to revise for the last one so i'm not too stressed. but i just feel a bit down. i think i just need some good sleep, i also need to stop eating so much bloody food, it can't be helping.


right now, i am desperate to listen to ash, it's summer and they are needed, but the fact i actually own ash albums (yes i paid for them) i don't have the cds with me at uni. gah.

i miss him.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

flight of the conchords

so, in like january, ryan bought this dvd.
it's called flight of the conchords.
i'd never heard of it, apart from one night it was on bbc4 and i watched it while half asleep.

i watched it, i liked it.

now, i LOVE it.

ryan bought their new album yesterday, and now i've got it on my laptop and it's just genius.
i'm desperate to watch the tv show, i'll just have to make do with the radio show.

this is definitely my favourite song ever by them,
for some reason i cannot hear any sound when i play youtube videos? strange. so i hope that works fine.

i think you should all listen to them and love them.

Now playing: Flight of the Conchords - Petrov, Yelyena, and Me

Friday, 9 May 2008

death cab for cutie

i haven't listened to death cab for cutie in quite a while, they were the music that accompanied the break up of me and my ex, and i went to see them two weeks after that and saw him there. and however much i adore them, the sense of them being associated with someone i dislike so much made me neglect them.

but i listened to transatlanticism over the easter holidays and smiled and enjoyed the music, i have since remembered why it is one of my favourite albums ever, it makes me so happy, and the songs are just so amazing, the lyrics are brilliant and it will just always be a classic in my eyes.

then, the new album 'narrow stairs' leaked.

i had already heard 'i will possess your heart' and thought it was great, and the rest of the album has not disappointed. i think my initial favourites are 'no sunlight', 'cath...' and 'i will possess your heart'. but the album just flows so beautifully, that i think its difficult to choose favourites, it's almost as though it's one big song, just divided into track names.

so yes, i am impressed, and have definitely rediscovered my love for death cab.

Now playing: Death Cab For Cutie - Talking Bird

Thursday, 8 May 2008

things in my room remind me of you

apart from the obvious (pictures and cards) there are 2 things that without a doubt always remind of you, a dancing penguin and a heart shaped handwarmer. these things make me happy.

"emo-tration camp"
a concept discussed by a group of complete knobs out on the field does not make me happy

today i do not feel like doinganything, i want it to be tomorrow night and i want my exams to be over.

it too hot in my room, but too cold outside.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

news reading to procrastinate

i have just read this news story.

in theory i understand boris's point, i don't like people drinking on the tube or train, mainly cuz im normally travelling by myself (this goes out of the window if i'm with people, and we are the people drinking).


how on earth is it ever going to be implemented. it seems that things just aren't being thought through. tut tut.

i'm not particularly looking forward to living in london again.

bus strike

what a great thing to have on the first day of my exams.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


exams are always in summer. this year was the first year i've had proper exams in winter, i've only ever had mocks before and it was terrible. i got soaking wet in the rain before all my exams and had to sit in a hot and sweaty sports hall and try and guess at 100 multiple choice questions. i think it was 100, i'm pretty sure it was. maybe i should know this for my exam tomorrow? anyway. now it's summer, and its going to be the same hot and sweaty sports hall but with it being hot and sweaty outside as well. but there's the added problem of always wanting to be playing outside and sunbathing instead of working or doing exams. so, in conclusion, i am failing to decide which set of exams will be worse. i've done so much more work for these exams than i did in january, that if i don't do any better i'll be really annoyed, however, if i do loads better i'm hoping it will encourage me to do loads more work in my second year.

my first exam is tomorrow, it contains these topics:
animal cognition
biological psychology

i am not very confident about any of them because we have no past papers available, which i think is a bit unfair, surely it would help us if they at least put last years paper up on VITAL (virtual interactive learning at liverpool), but no, no multiple choice exams are made available, so we're all going into the exams unsure of what may come up.


i gave in.

although i do still believe i have a distinct lack of opinions to have my own blog, which can be read by anyone, anywhere, i have decided to join the new blogspot club which appears to be emerging within my group of friends, as i am a sheep.

i apologise now for anyone who dislikes writing in all lowercase, i just can't be bothered with capitals. i will, however, try and keep my punctuation accurate.


now i need to think of something to say.