Tuesday, 24 June 2008


as i have no listened to both the subways and sigur ros' new albums i will give my opinion.

the subways was just what i expected - not terrible but not amazing. ive given it a provisional 5/10.

sigur ros is not at all what i expected - not terrible but not amazing.
i have to admit i am slightly disappointed, it is beautiful, but very stripped down compared to 'takk...' and the other albums, but 'takk...' is my favourite. it lacks atmosphere i think.
i will obviously listen to it more, form a better opinion.

Now playing: Death Cab For Cutie - Bixby Canyon Bridge


so yesterday i decided to part with some well earned cash (HA) and buy a ds lite to replace my huge silver brick (an original ds). i got a turquoise one, its so pretty. i also got it with a starter pack (a sock, stylus' etc.) and two games (mario & sonic at the olympics and lego indiana jones). this would normally cost £129.99. but with a fab trade in for my old one i got them for £94.99. my mums giving me £30 towards it. so i got it all pretty cheap. very exciting.

so far ive played a bit on each game, they're both really good, although some of the events are so difficult on olympics, the stylus is good, but a bit tricky to get the hang of. indian jones is just like lego star wars, which means its ace. i recommend them.

today i feel as though i should download the subways, because maybe i should give it the benefit of the doubt, and see what its like and not just judge it. but i also want to listen to sigur ros. which is taking priority i feel over the subways.

maybe i'll review it like everyone else.
maybe i won't.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

a mixtape.

i talked to my dad about making a mixtape, and he said that when he was younger it was all about who could make the best mixtape for a party, and everyone would turn up with their little tape. in some ways i wish i'd made a tape. there's something so simple about them.

the tape.

and now a blog about it, because everyone else is doing it and i'm a sheep.

1. ash - lose control
ash are probably the reason i love most of the bands that i love today, they were my first indie/rock/pop love and this song is the most perfect album opener. so much energy and rockiness, while retaining the poppiness that i love them for.

2. MSTRKRFT - kennedy killed the hat (buck 65)
i am unsure when this song made it's way into my music collection, but i am glad it did, i have been a fan of MSTRKRFT since i heard paris on their myspace and this song is just so well remixed, it's great. there are two remixes of this song and i have chosen the "rock" verson, i think the guitars just fit in better with everything.

3. biffy clyro - 57
my favourite song by my favourite band. any time it comes on i scream along and feel instantly better, it gets under my skin and i love it, it's such a simple song, but it's beautiful in it's own right.

4. dwarves - over you
a certain boy who is now my wonderful boyfriend sent me this song about a million years ago (probably about 2 actually...) and i thought absolutely nothing of it. i decided it wasn't my sort of thing and dismissed it. last summer dwarves toured england and the aforementioned boyf took me to see them in sheffield, and since then i've been hooked. i love everything about this song, it's raw and punky yet with a poppy chorus which wouldn't be out of place in a girls aloud song.

5. queens of stoneage - gonna leave you
this song isn't a favourite of mine, nor a song i tend to listen to a lot, but i wanted queens on this mix and some of the heavier/faster songs didn't fit. however, this seemed (at least in my head) to fit nicely with everything around it.

6. death cab for cutie - we looked like giants
i love death cab, so much and this song has always been a favourite, it's quite long, but i liked it slap bang in the middle of quite short songs in comparison.

7. stone temple pilots - trippin' on a hole in a paper heart
i discovered this song in guitar hero, i rock at it and i love the song. it's the only song by them i've ever heard, though i'm a bit desperate to hear more. i think it gets the pace up again after death cab.

8. johnny foreigner - yr all just jealous
i went through 3 other jofo songs before sticking on this one, i think it's instant vocals have so much energy whereas the end is quite slow and uses some lovely harmonies, it's almost like two songs in one but it sounds really good instead of a bit naff.

9. charlotte hatherley - roll over
i swear i've wanted to be chaz since i first started listening to ash, i've followed her solo career since it started and absolutely love and adore both of her albums, even though they're are really different. this is probably my favourite song on 'the deep blue', the way it builds up and the gorgeous vocals just make it dreamy.

10. crystal castles - courtship dating
this was a last minute addition to the mix, which involved me realising they weren't included and instantly choosing this track. it's a song i think really stands out on the album. crystal castles really are a favourite of mine, i enjoy them live and on record. i think it fits in well here, because even though it's completely different to the songs surrounding it, it is slow and simple at the beginning and end.

11. martha wainwright - bloody motherfucking asshole
this has been on the mix from the very beginning, although it was track 3 and eventually ended up down here. i love her voice, i love her songs, i just LOVE her.

12. metronomy - you could easily have me
i orginally wanted to end with tom vek, but muxtape wouldn't have any of it, so i decided on this instead, i think it ends with a bang and not a fade. i hate fading, it feels lazy.

so, thats it, feel free to comment, tell me what you think, but don't be mean.
try and listen to all the songs, i think it works well as a playlist.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


i've passed my first year of uni.
out of 8 modules i had
1 Third (49),
4 2.2s (50, 52, 52, 57) and
3 2.1s (61, 65, 65).
i am very pleased with my average of 56 :)

now i have to tidy my room, i am still not unpacked from moving back from uni.

i don't know where everything is going to go?

go and buy these shoes.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

gone baby gone

is an amazing film, ben affleck has done good.
go see it.

other than that, i'm back in london and hating it.
i can't believe that there was a time when i seriously loved london and everything about it.
i honestly cannot stand it here now, i absolutely love being home.
home is fantastic.
but enfield is not.

to ease the pain of being here i am watching a lot of buffy the vampire slayer (from the beginning i started on wednesday, i am currently watching 'what's my line pt. 2'). i think i had forgotten how much i love this show. it's so brilliant. i am excited for dollhouse.