Thursday, 28 August 2008

highs and lows

after reading this thread on efests i have been thinking about my time at reading festival, and mainly all the things i thought were rubbish about it.

by the sunday i was queueing for up to half an hour and still not anywhere near the front of the queue. i had to go out of the arena and head to yellow toilets to actually go. yes i know there are urinals but i was wearing leggings and shorts, which are not the easiest thing to go for a wee standing up in. also, all of the bloody toilets were blocked by sunday, two queues of about 10 girls for ONE toilet. no thanks.

where are the lovely helpful stewards who guide your car in for you on the thursday when you want to leave on monday?? NO WHERE. we spent 4 hours just sitting in the car park cuz there were no stewards to help prevent ridiculous queues.

you're not fucking angry cuz you run away from one guy and his girlfriend when there's 15 of you, so why try and bully and intimidate people? absolutely ridiculous. have fun with your friends but there's no need for violence and destruction. the state of camp on monday morning was ridiculous, i've never stayed as late as i did this year and it was just horrible, all the toilets had been destroyed (i hope people fell in when they were breaking them) and there were so many fires that were just pouring out black smoke that on the walk to the car park i couldn't stop coughing.

omg, don't shit in bushes, thats just rough.

you made all the effort to get down near the front and then you moan, look around, push past people that are trying to watch. GOD. get a fucking life. the people doing this actually ruined queens of the stoneage for me, i could barely hear as it is (see no. 6), i did not need dickheads banging into me and talking in front of me and chucking drinks over me.

melvin benn has blamed the weather, when the weather was good and pretty much the same all weekend.all the bands on saturday and sunday were noticeably louder than any of the bands on friday and ratm were considerably louder than even qotsa, which seems stupid.

rant over.

there were lots of things i loved about reading too, but any bad stuff that happens always seems to be reallllllllly bad.

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stole this off ryan, but he posted it cuz he thought i'd like it, so i guess i'm allowed to steal it.

listen to this

actually love her. it's all so cute and happy.

her album is on itunes,

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

weekend review

so, on wednesday we packed and on thursday we drove for hours and then walked and queued for hours and that sat and ate and drank for hours. and then we slept.


what an exciting day friday was, i actually had some energy and my feet didn't feel like they were going to fall off. the day was started by future of the left, who i have loved both times ive seen them, but i cant seem to get into their album, i will try though. next blood red shoes who were fantastic and be your own pet who are splitting up and are apparently celebrating by drinking lots. then i saw florence and the machine who were also brilliant, her voice is just amazing. then, BIFFY, who played all stuff off of puzzle apart from 57 and mountains, it was really good, but i missed the oldies. decided to miss mgmt, cuz i was freezing and needed a jumper. then saw qotsa who were great (obviously) but they played a pretty odd set. then rage who im so happy ive seen, i dont think i'll ever be their biggest fan but they were great.

lunch: bacon sandwiches (cooked by ryan)
dinner: sausage with onions and chips with bbq sauce.


saw george pringle first thing saturday, she was good but not great, couldn't hear a lot of what she was saying though. then saw chris hicks and ross sutherland who were great poets, really enjoyed them. then saw the first few songs of the subways who were good but nothing special, but missed the second half of them to see robin ince who was SO funny. saw that woman off tonightly too, who was rubbish. next LOS CAMPESINOS! who blew me away, the tent was packed and completely mental. didn't see black kids and only saw a bit of justice and a bit of alkaline trio because i felt sick. all in all saturday wasn't that great.

lunch: baguette with sausage cheese and onions
dinner: pork, mash and stuffing in a giant yorkie


well, sunday was pretty crazy, we heard on wednesday that slipknot had cancelled and that bring me the horizon would be replacing them (by opening the stage) then when we got to the arena we heard that avenged sevenfold had cancelled as well. but we went to see mindless self indulgence anyway but they pushed back later and later. very confusing. but we went to see robots in disguise who came on stage in a giant glitterball and had dancing robots. then saw plain white t's getting bottled when there was still no sign of msi. saw johnny foreigner who were ACE. loved them. missed emmy the great to see some of msi who were really really good and then saw crystal castles, who were amazing as usual. finished off the day with tencious d and metallica, who were both FANTASTIC.

lunch: bagel with brie and bacon and potato wedges with cheese wedges
dinner: pepperoni pizza

then on monday it took us 4 hours to get out of the car park and ours wasn't even the one that caught on fire. since i've been home my throat has been sore, my nose and ears have been blocked and i've been absolutely exhausted.

but, i had a GREAT weekend.
tempted to go to leeds next year though, getting a bit fed up of the people at reading.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


off to reading tomorrow :D

Monday, 11 August 2008

horse riding

i used to ride all the time when i was younger, had lessons from when i was five and had my own horse for a few years, but then i gradually stopped going because i was a teenager and wanted to go out with my friends at weekends. but recently, when thinking about exercise and the fact i should maybe do some i realised that riding has always been the one thing ive ever enjoyed, so i looked into it and liverpool has a riding club where i can have a lesson once a week. so im doing a couple of catch up lessons at trent park tomorrow and wednesday. and im a bit nervous. but very very excited.

other than that ive got a very busy week coming up with ryan coming down on wednesday and staying for ages. james' birthday, day out in london, day out with my rents possibly and then READING. but then i have to move back to uni and i wish my tutor would just bloody reply already and tell me what the hell i have to do for my review.

currently watching: CROSS COUNTRY AT THE OLYMPICS :)