Monday, 29 September 2008

how to keep spiders out of your house

answers on a postcard please?

or comment.
whatever :)

Friday, 19 September 2008

the excitement of spending money

i LOVE shopping.
mainly because i love that feeling when you get home and you have lots of bags and you take the labels off things and you try everything on again and its nice, even though you're really tired from walking around all day.

online shopping for clothes gets rid of all this excitement.
i HATE that you have to pay an extra £5 to get it the next day, and £4 for 2-3 days.
i also hate that i can't get student discount, cuz it only accepts nus extra cards online.
but most of all i hate that bloody parcel delivery people can't knock loud enough so anyone actually hears. losers.

don't get me wrong, i think sites like amazon and play make a lot of sense, they offer the same things you can get in the shops but for cheaper and with reasonable postage costs.

however, shops that have an online store (my example being just annoy me, they thrive on the fact that they barely stock larger sizes in store, which means people like myself who need a size 16 are stuck with paying an extra £4 on top of the normal price, with no discount, to buy the same clothes as the size 8 girls who just wander into the shop and find 5 of each item in their size.

rant over.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

early morning/late night

please please please listen to this album
it's absolutely brilliant, i've listened to it about 4 times today, in a row.

also, new los campesinos! has leaked and i have downloaded and listened,
i'm not sure it's as instant as hold on now youngster, but i'm pretty sure it's just as good.
however, i haven't listened to it all the way through more than once.

and my final recommendation of the morning/night
is watchmen.
i haven't quite finished reading the graphic novel, though i'm not far off and it really is as fantastic as everyone says.

this is the trailer for the film coming out next year, i'm looking forward to it.
a lot.

Monday, 8 September 2008

some things

zack & miri make a porno

the trailer is there, you should all really watch it, cuz it looks like its gonna be very and extremely good.

also, you should all go and watch

helly boy 2.

saw it yesterday and its absolutely amazing. its beautiful and full of personality.

"if i grew up on a farm, and was retarded, bruges might impress me. but i didnt, so it doesn't"

in bruges, one of the funniest films i've seen in ages, absolutely loved it, i even loved colin farrel and i bloody hate him normally.

Monday, 1 September 2008

new house

i'm all moved in to my lovely liverpool house.
things are good, apart from a few basics, for example, i don't have a chair for my desk and virgin havent given us the wireless router, and they can't get it to us til friday apparently.
we also don't know how to use the boiler, so the only hot water we have is from the downstairs electric shower.
cooking for ourselves is going to be strange, i need to do a shop but i don't know what to buy??
fed up of having to phone people, i hate phoning people, especially when they are UNhelpful.
i'm by myself at the moment cuz alice is at lectures, it's strange, its a big house and it makes lots of noise, unusual noise. and there's like an industrial strength fan in the room next to mine sorting out damp, thats loud too.