Wednesday, 7 May 2008

news reading to procrastinate

i have just read this news story.

in theory i understand boris's point, i don't like people drinking on the tube or train, mainly cuz im normally travelling by myself (this goes out of the window if i'm with people, and we are the people drinking).


how on earth is it ever going to be implemented. it seems that things just aren't being thought through. tut tut.

i'm not particularly looking forward to living in london again.


Jack said...

If I was a cynic I'd say that it's a quick, simple announcement from the new Mayor to be seen to be doing something from the word go. On face value it's a good thing.

Clearly the problem isn't necessarily drinking, but it's drunk people. Me sitting there on the way from Uxbridge to King's Cross swigging from a bottle of wine isn't causing problems for anyone but six or seven of us going from King's Cross to Southgate making arses of ourselves would be annoying to people.

The problem is that it would be very difficult to deal with someone who is simply being irritating on a tube because they're drunk. If a member of the BT police comes near them then they'll calm down, probably deny everything, and then there's very little that can be done. But if they can remove alcohol from (and eject from the Underground system?) anyone who is drinking alcohol then it's certainly something that can be done.

Jack said...

Oh, and Bob Crow's comment on there is quite brilliant.